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Welcome to our Laboratory: you can have a quick look of our facilities, but it's better if you come and visit us!!!

Where we live:  Engineering I

DC Probe Station

Load-Pull Measurement Probe Station

Phase Noise Measurement System

Vacuum Microelectronics Testbed

MMR Low Temperature DC Measurement System and DLTS

mvc-010s.jpg (28203 bytes) RF Cryo Measurement System

mvc-012s.jpg (22534 bytes) Newest RF Probe Station

mvc-044s.jpg (27772 bytes)mvc-043s.jpg (29254 bytes) Wire Bonder and Epoxy Bonder

mvc-027s.jpg (24248 bytes) Lee making shadow puppets in the conference room

mvc-028s.jpg (16946 bytes) Bob and Primit in the conference room

mvc-033s.jpg (24095 bytes) Amit pokes his head out of his cube

mvc-035s.jpg (39025 bytes)mvc-037s.jpg (41030 bytes)B ob & Umesh hard at work.

mvc-039s.jpg (19581 bytes) The Mishra Group

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