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  Introduction to Solid State Electronic Devices - ECE 132 - Fall 2014
Electrons and holes in semiconductors; doping (P and N); state occupation statistics, transport properties of electrons and holes; P-N junction diodes; I-V, C-V, and switching properties of P-N junctions; introduction of bipolar transitors, MOSFET’s and JFET’s.
  Semiconductor Device Physics - ECE 221A - Winter 2015
Band diagrams of P-N junctions and heterjunctions; current flow by drift and diffusion; bipolar transistors; recombination and generation. Schottky barriers;heterostructures.
  Semiconductor Device Physics II - ECE 221B - Spring 2015
More advanced continuation of ECE 221A: field effect transistors, quantum wells and superlattices; tunneling; avalanche breakdown; physical limitations of bipolar and field effect transistors; two-dimensional current flow problems.
In addition to the above curriculum, Professor Mishra directs and advises the members of his research group. The group is comprised of Visiting Scholars, Research Engineers, Post-Doctoral Researchers, Ph.D. Candidates and M.S. Students.


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